Initial Adult Psychiatric Evaluation Assessment: $325
Initial Adult or Child Psychiatric Medication Assessment: $250
Initial Child/Adolescent Assessment (up to 2 hours): $450
Follow Up Medication Management: $170
Follow Up Medication Management and Therapy:$200
Follow Up Medication Management and Therapy: $275
Initial Diagnostic Assessment (Master's Level Clinician): $220
Individual/Couples Therapy Session (Master Level Clinician): $150
Family Therapy Session (Master's Level Clinician): $150
Play Therapy Session (Master's Level Clinician): $150
Group Therapy Session: $100/person
Missed Appointment/Less than 24 hour cancellation: $45

Times may vary slightly

Patient Litigation

It is the policy of A Child & Family Psychiatry, LLC not to voluntarily participate in any litigation or custody dispute in which you and another individual, or entity, are parties. Our providers have a policy of not communicating with patient's attorneys and will generally not write or sign letters, reports, declarations, or affidavits to be used in any patient's legal matter. We generally do not provide records or testimony unless compelled to do so. Should your provider be subpoenaed, or ordered by a court of law, to appear as a witness in an action involving you, you agree to the usual and customary hourly rate for such services

(per hour for prep, travel, time available for appearance) $200/hr