How This Art Course Helps

  • Widen our sense of self-awareness and naturally boost self-esteem levels through art.
  • Learn how to safely and rationally question ourselves and our futures without negativity.
  • Enjoy mindfulness and art as a family to reinforce important emotional-bridge activity.

  • Cultivate tools to help maintain an emotional balance during stressful situations.
  • Grow our ability to assert ourselves and enlarge our emotional vocabulary.
  • Improve focus levels for better school and work performance without drugs.

"Psychological wellness is achieved when we strike a healthy balance between our thoughts and emotions."

Parents Learn to Better Understand Their Children.

Parents Learn to Better Understand Their Children.

My "Process and Processing" video-based art course offers connections through stories. Explore and use the 5 creative exercises below to take a journey of self-discovery from a variety of fun and interesting angles.

Children learn how to better understand their thoughts and emotions to solve problems in new ways. They also learn to create, process, accept, regulate and express their emotions safely and calmly.

All the videos relate to how to emotionally and cognitively function in this world. During each, we start by asking key questions that help children and their parents understand outcomes.

Teens Learn to Better Understand Themselves.

Teens Learn to Better Understand Themselves.

Mindfulness and therapy are both very important in our lives.
Mindfulness allows us to be present, peaceful and calm in the moment. Art therapy combined with mindfulness can be an effective "non-medicational" way of coping with anxiety, depression and stress.

Process & Processing is an educational online video-based art course focusing on emotions and thoughts, and how to better understand both during the art making process. When parents watch this educational video at home together with kids, they have the opportunity to join and collaborate. Everyone involved learns more about themselves in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

Description of Sessions

1: A Tree

1: A Tree

During "A Tree" children creatively express themselves in a new way relating to nature. This mindfulness exercise allows them to witness their thoughts and emotions without giving them too much attention.

Children observe how they feel in the moment within a comfortable and supportive environment.

They'll draw themselves as a tree, and just like leaves are attached to a tree, our minds are attached to our body, kept stable through our thoughts and emotions.

One of the goals is for children to learn more about their inherent strengths and the importance of the connection between their thoughts, emotions and body.

2: Discovering Emotions Through Color

Everyone experiences positive and negative emotions, but it isn't always possible to differentiate between them. This exercise involves using colors as a way of showing children how to express themselves.

Children discover how various colors feel and which colors evoke different emotions.

Through the art making process, they learn it's possible to express emotions through colors in a supportive and safe way. To spot their own stressors and connect them to emotions.

3: Discovering You

During this session, children draw themselves and learn more about what makes them tick in the process.

The discussion, or focus, revolves around the fact everyone has certain uncertainties growing up.

This could be everything, from uncertainties about our goals and career choices to friendships, moral values and group loyalties. During these times, there are always moments where we question ourselves.

The goal is for children to discover their unique characteristics and traits, resulting in a significant boost in self-awareness. In a group setting, it helps children learn that they share many things in common with peers.

4: Riding the Wave

During The Wave children visualize a wave at the beach. That same wave can reflect our lives and the way we experience challenges.

"Can we remain balanced and centered even when we're surfing waves?"

As they listen to the gentle sounds of ocean waves on the chore, they're asked to visualize the various attributes of a wave including its size, speed, color and strength and reflect on how they feel while visualizing this wave.

The lesson shows it's possible to learn to surf any of life's waves while staying balanced. As children become mindful of their emotions they notice them arise, shifting and then passing away.

5: Two Sides of a Bridge

Everyone lives in their present moment and yet constantly builds plans for the future. During this session, we address the present and the future.

This transformational activity has children create their own personal version of their bridge through mindful painting.

The bridge represents the space between current and future plans. Helpful questions include, "How can we successfully achieve future plans?" and, "How can we properly prepare for the future?"

The goal is for children to begin expressing how they see their future and gain powerful insights into how they perceive their plans.

Questions & Answers

How long is this course?

Including all videos, the course is about 36 minutes long. Each lecture has a lot of valuable material, so it might be helpful to sit in a comfortable place and take notes while watching each the first time around.

Can I pause the video lecture and continue later?

Yes, you'll have complete control and can stop, start, pause, and get into the sessions whenever you have time.

Where can I find more info about the video lectures?

You can watch the Free Video to get a better idea or read more about my methods through my Blog Section which will dramatically grow over the next year.

How will this course can help me ?

The Process and Processing course is highly-suitable for anyone interested in learning more about how art therapy and mindfulness help us express, process and manage our feelings and thoughts in positive ways.

The course is designed for children of young adolescent age, adolescent and young adults, and young parents.

This Course:

  • Offers parents a chance to work together with and better understand their children.
  • Helps parents and adolescents better understand some of the changes during the adolescent stages.
  • Builds positive connections between parents and children.
  • Helps parents better understand their children.

Course Also Covers:
  • How to observe, express and process our emotions.
  • Tools to maintain emotional balance during stress.
  • How to manage emotions in positive ways.
  • How to better understand own worries about the future.
  • How emotions feel in our own bodies.
  • Gaining self-awareness and increasing self-esteem.
  • Discovering unique characteristics: goals, ideas, attitudes.

Is this course considered an therapy session?

No. This course isn't meant to replace formal art or psychotherapy sessions. This course is created for educational purpose only.

What if I have questions?

You can send your questions to and we'll do our best to answer them as soon as possible. Your question are important us!

About Course Creators

Yakov Sherk - Founder of A Child and Family Psychiatry.
I'm a child and adult psychiatrist based in Columbus, Ohio.

I've received awards from the University of Buffalo for "Outstanding Contribution to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry" as well as for my publication "Liquid melatonin via gastrostomy as an alternative hypnotic in a child with Pervasive Developmental Disorder," published in the Journal Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology.
Years of experience treating individuals with mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.

Over the last few years I've used a highly-comprehensive approach which includes wellness through art and mindfulness which I've found helps people learn more about themselves in an enjoyable and relaxing manner.

They learn how to better understand their thoughts and emotions and how to solve problems in new ways. They also gain the ability to create, process, accept, regulate and express their emotions safely and calmly.

"Process & Processing" is an educational online art course I created in collaboration with Teresa Weston, an extremely experienced Art Therapist.

Teresa Weston - LCAT, ATR-BCM
Teresa is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in New York State (LCAT), Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC), and has presented at national conferences such as the Expressive Therapies Summit.

She's an exceptional Art Therapist at Western New York Children's Psychiatric Center, works with families in the WrapAround program throughout WNY and has a private practice located in Buffalo.

Teresa works with a variety of populations including adolescents and children with behavioral and mental health concerns as well as medically fragile children and adults. She meets with individual clients as well as facilitates groups and workshops.

Learn more by Visiting her Website.