Psychological Trauma / Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Adverse childhood experiences can have a devastating effect on young people. Abuse, neglect, witnessing violence, the death of a loved one, or being involved in a vehicular accident are just some of the reasons children develop PTSD or psychological trauma.

At A Child & Family Psychiatry LLC, we have an outpatient program designed to help children and adolescents who suffer from PTSD. Our licensed therapists treat our clients in both individual and group settings. We provide highly effective (evidence-based) interventions for those who have experienced psychological trauma. Each young person in the program has an individualized treatment plan that incorporates the unique needs of each person receiving treatment.

Our program is designed to help participants

  • Identify and express feelings. This is a basic and very important skill that children with psychological trauma need to learn and master.
  • Express trauma related feelings and learn how to express anger in a healthier way in words.
  • Become comfortable with your child's ability to express emotions appropriately by meeting together as needed with your child and provider.
  • Develop confidence and have control over thoughts and emotions if they become overwhelmed.
  • Develop positive self-talk to help children focus on their strengths rather than on the negative aspects of trauma.
  • Recognize internal dialogue; practice simple non-trauma-related exercises.
  • Recognize the distinction and relationship between feelings and thoughts and behaviors.